Dance with the Teletubbies is the second volume of the Teletubbies VHS series. It was released in 1997 then re-released again in 2003. It was released as Teletubbies Ready Steady Dance! with Dance with the Teletubbies and Teletubbies Ready Steady GO! released two titles on one DVD in 2009.

Chapters/Segments Edit

  1. The Stamping and Stepping Dance (From Grand Old Duke of York)
  2. The Teletubbies walk down and up a hill (From My Mum's Keyboard)
  3. Larette Tap Dancing
  4. The Walking Dance (From See-Saw)
  5. The Teletubbies Take Turns At Wearing The Skirt (From Numbers - 1)
  6. The Rabbits
  7. The Running Away Dance (From Numbers - 1) (2 times)
  8. The Teletubbies walk in and out of the trees (From Feeding The Chickens)
  9. The Tap Dancing Teddy Bear (2 times)
  10. The Follow The Leader Dance (From Animal Rhythms)
  11. The Round and Round Dance (From Owl Babies)
  12. The Teletubbies and The Cloud (From Playing in the Rain)
  13. The Splashing Dance (From Playing in the Rain)
  14. Trit Trot (From Emily and the Trap)
  15. The Falling Down Dance (From Drawing Cacti)
  16. The Teletubbies Say "Eh Oh!" (From Photo Faces)
  17. The Tip Toe Dance (From Larette Tap Dancing)
  18. Jumping for Fun (From Jumping)
  19. Party Dancing
  20. The Jumping Dance (From Humpty Dumpty)
  21. Tubby Bye-Bye

Featuring: Georgina & Harriet Acott-Smith, India & Tom Beaufort-Lloyd, Alex Kemp, George Kirkpatrick, Carly & Anna Mitchell, Harriet Moran, Holly & Charlie Morris, Gabriel Prince, Charlie & Oliver Travers, Larette Tritton, and Guy & Amber Wyles