Delilah Packing is an episode of Teletubbies.

The Teletubbies watch Deliliah getting ready pack up. Tinky Winky is too full up to finish his Tubby Toast so he puts it in his bag. Tinky Winky goes for a walk and puts all the Teletubbies' favourite things into his bag. Afterwards, the other Teletubbies discover their favourite things are missing. Tinky Winky takes them out again and the other Teletubbies get their favourite things back but suddenly, there is a strange noise from Tinky Winky's bag.

Tinky Winky opens the bag to find the rest of his Tubby Toast, then he puts it back in his bag to save it for later. The Magic Windmill spins and the Teletubbies go off to watch the Magic House with the Singing Puppet Man.