Full Name
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Bristol, England
Favourite Color
Favourite Thing
Black And White Hat
Dipsy: "Dipsy no wanna sit down."
Narrator: "Dipsy didn't want to sit in the Tubby Custard."
Dipsy: "Dipsy no wanna sit in Tubby Tustard."
— Dipsy and the Narrator

Dipsy is the second Teletubby with an antenna that refers to a dipstick because of the name.

Dipsy has a darker face than the other Teletubbies. He is jolly and likes talking to himself. His favourite thing is his famous jaunty black and white cow print hat that rounds off his fashionable image neatly. He calls his hat "Dipsy 'Hat" which is how a toddler would say "My Hat." He often talks to astronauts high above the Earth in space who come to Teletubbyland on Space Shuttles which land at the secret Space Centre near the Teletubbies' Dome. The Space Centre was built to protect the Teletubbies from scary and spooky things.

On occason, it's hinted that he has feelings for Laa-Laa, and he also has a crush on her.

Dipsy is 9 feet tall and is green. Don't be deceived by the straight aerial or that square TV on his tummy. Dipsy is the most stylish of the bunch. He's also the second biggest - and he's pretty cool about that.

Dipsy is probably the one who is involved least with the Teletubbies, though he is still one of the main characters. He is quite stubborn and sarcastic, and will sometimes refuse to go along with the other Teletubbies' group opinion. He once lost his hat but Laa-Laa found it. He is the second oldest Teletubby after Tinky-Winky and he is quite intelligent and mature, knowing the Space Centre and the outside world very well. Dipsy loves to dance. He has a song that is also very trendy.Being super cool on the dancefloor don't stop Dipsy loving Big Hugs. He is voiced by John Simmit.

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