Here Come the Teletubbies was released in 1997. It was the first volume VHS. It was later released on DVD as Meet The Teletubbies (UK DVD version still had original title)

Chapters/Segments Edit

  1. Four Happy Teletubbies (From Jumping & Making Lanterns)
  2. Time for Tubby Toast (From Ned's Bicycle)
  3. Playing in the Rain
  4. Mind the Puddle (From Playing in the Rain)
  5. The Animal Parade
  6. Tinky Winky's Heavy Bag (From Delilah Packing)
  7. Po's Falling Down Day (From Humpty Dumpty)
  8. Who Spilled the Tubby Custard? (From Painting with Hands and Feet)
  9. Laa-Laa's Watering Can (From Making Flowers)
  10. Tubby Toast Accident (From Feeding the Chickens)
  11. The Beach
  12. Where's My Hat? (From The Beach)

Featuring: Thomas & Jonathan Becker, Natasha Marshall, Zoe Robinson and The Children of Jordan Village's Nursery School, Beaconsfield