Laa-Laa Having a Me Party!

"Me Party" is an original song from the film The Teletubbies Movie. The song is sung in sequence by Kristine Wall, Blossom, Pinkie Pie and Laa-Laa, who are frustrated by a lack of attention from the respective loves of their lives, Reg and Tinky Winky. The song celebrates their efforts to be strong and have fun despite their disappointment.

Lyrics Edit

Verse Intro Edit

Kristine Wall:

I look around

And once again I'm on my own

My man ain't here

He's gone and done me wrong

No one's gonna stop

This girl from having fun

I throw my hands up high

And have a party for one!

Verse 1 Edit

Blossom:I'm having a me party!

A party by myself

A me party!

I don't need nobody else.

I'm having a me party!

I'm the first and last to show!

There's no one at this party

That I don't already know!

Laa-Laa, Pinkie Pie:

I'm not gonna sit around

By myself and wait for you

Haven't you heard?

One is the new two!

I'm gonna make a scene

I'm gonna make a fuss!

Tonight I'm gonna celebrate with

Just the one of us!

I'm having a me party!

I don't need no invitation!

A me party!

I just love the conversation!

Me party!

A number less than two

You do the math, Tink!

It means I don't need you!

Verse 2 Edit

Kristine Wall, Blossom (Spoken):

I won't lie,

There are times

When I wish I was with you

There are days when all this girl can see

Is a world that's made for two

At times like this I feel alone

And it's like nobody cares

But I only have to call my name

And darling I'll be there!

Laa-Laa (Spoken)

Bibally Cheese! 

Final Verse Edit

Laa-Laa, Blossom, Pinkie Pie And Kristine Wall:

I'm having a me party!

Haven't I seen me here before?

Having a me party!

I'm the last one on the dance floor!

Me party!

A party just for one!

Me party!

It's a solo mardi gras!

Me party!

I'm such good company!

Me party!

I save the last dance for me!

Kristine Wall, Pinkie Pie, Blossom:

What happens at a me party

Stays at a me party