Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa Laa run over a Hill to say Eh-Oh but where's Po? They all have a big hug and hear the windmill when Tinky Winky gets a transmission of the Funny Lady telling a story of a naughty snake to some children.

Later, the Teletubbies eat their Tubby Toast until the narrator says it is Po's day for being naughty. She marches around the house noisily while a voice trumpet comments on Po's behaviour. The Teletubbies think Po is being very loud, and they cannot eat their Tubby Toast. Then, Po goes up and down the slide, making the voice trumpet say, "Up...Down..." many times until Po stops going up and down the slide. Then, Po decided to go in and out of the door, annoying the Teletubbies more than the first time. Then, Po falls over and wiggles her legs. By now, the Teletubbies were getting most annoyed. They chase her around the house, and a few moments later, The Noo Noo joins in.

But the Teletubbies love Po very much. Then they do the dizzy Round and Round dance. By now, they were having so much fun, but then a voice trumpet says, "Time for Tubby Bye Bye!", and the Teletubbies are again moaning as the Sun Baby sets to end the episode.