The Teletubbies slide inside the Home Hill and fall over, then they watch two children and Sophie paint a picture of a circus. Later, the Teletubbies head off to watch the Lion and Bear play hide and seek in Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies say "All gone!" and they laughed happily. Afterwards, the Magic Windmill prepares to stop spinning, and the Teletubbies say "Uh-Oh!" and run away in slow motion. The Magic Windmill then stops spinning before it's time for Tubby Bye Bye. Alles Tags Teletubby Land Es Waren Zeit Tubby Toast Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa Laa Po Uh-Oh Zauberwindmühle Machen Rot Drachen Feuer Burg Und Sonne Später Die Teletubbies Der Bär und Löwe Versteckten Stehts Du Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa Laa Po Wir sind Weg Laufen Weg Zauberwindmühle Stop Zeit im Tubby Bye Bye

Featuring: Sophie Herxheimer with Luke Guinness and Lola Milne