The Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair.


The Scary Lion.

The Lion And Bear is one of the seven Magical Events. It features two characters, The Scary Lion and The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair. The two characters are both made out of wood and travel using the appearance of a skateboard and are not animated. It was the only event/segment/sketch to feature the clips with the Teletubbies a lot than any other event. The original sketch was first aired in 1997 in the episode "See-Saw." However, the sketch became controversial due to its appearance. The problems were the uncanny appearances of the characters (which are made of wood and have uncanny eyes, ears and arms and also appear to move on their own), the scary voices, horrific scenes, music and the dialogue, such as "I'm the bear! I'm the bear! And I'm coming!" in a scary voice. Therefore, a brand new edited sketch, with non-scary nature and more humorous content, such as a doorbell ringing when the bear pops out from behind a tree and funny piano music, was made. Seventeen other episodes showing the original sketch had the edited sketch put in.

Original SketchEdit

The music at the start is very creepy and sinister. A creepy tuba sounding instrument plays the tune instead of the soft magical tune usually played for Magical Events when the Magic Windmill is spinning. The music in the rest of the sketch is scary, bassoon and drum music as well as gothic piano music which has scared young children. The Bear speaks in a very haunting voice at the start of the sketch. Then she speaks in a very sinister voice just before she appears. She remains nice throughout the rest of the sketch. The Lion speaks in a sinister voice both off screen and on screen. Near the end, he gets more and more angry and viscious when he can't find the Bear. English actors Penelope Keith (the Bear) and Eric Sykes (the Lion) both speak with good voices but they use them in the wrong way. The Lion is frightening and intimidating and the Bear is scary and mean. The dialogue is scary. Although most of it is age appropriate, the way it is said in the voices of the characters makes it sound scary, like when the Bear says 'It's the Bear It's the Bear and I'm COOOOOOMING!!' in a haunting voice and 'I'm the Bear I'm the Bear and I'm COMING!!!' in a sinister old woman voice. Some dialogue like "I am the Scary Lion! WITH BIG SCARY TEETH!!" is pretty scary, as is what a lot of things the Lion says.

Many of the scenes are considered too horrific for young children. These include the Bear's joke, which contains the Bear hiding behind a tree and popping out doing a joke which includes her eyes rolling in circles and her tongue sticking out with her going Blub-a-lub-a-lub which seems a harmless joke, but the scary music and the bear's uncanny looking face makes it really terrifying. Other intense scenes are the scenes of an empty Teletubbyland after the Bear hides and the Lion is coming, the Lion roaring fiercely causing the trees to shake and clouds to move, the Bear popping out from behind the tree she's hiding behind and popping back in again, with creepy music playing, and the other scenes are the chase scenes of the Lion chasing the Bear, which are scary due to the music and the way the Lion's tail moves and his roaring while the Bear moves quickly away from him.

Edited SketchEdit

The music at the start is far less scary. On the DVD "Look!" a bird song plays at the start but in TV episodes the normal soft, magical tune plays when the Magic Windmill is spinning. When the Teletubbies look around, the same tune plays again. The music in the rest of the sketch is funny, jolly, piano music and near the end there is a Christmas tune heard. The music is more age appropriate and the sketch is also more age appropriate.

The difference?

The Bear speaks in a slow but normal voice at the start of the sketch. Then she speaks in a childish, excited voice saying "I'm the Bear I'm the Bear and I'm Coming!" with a giggle. Then she speaks in a funny, childish, nice voice in the rest of the sketch, and she laughs a lot. The Lion speaks in a more humorous and jolly voice instead of the frightening one he used to have. The Lion has turned from an intimidating monster to a jolly cat with a funny "Meow!" Lions, of course, can't say "Meow!" in reality. The Bear has turned from a scary person to a pranker. The Bear speaks in an Upper Class London/Buckinghamshire accent while the Lion speaks in a jolly Yorkshire/Lancashire accent. After that, the Teletubbies hated that event and never went back.

Penelope Keith (born 1940), who voices the Bear, is from Sutton in South London and Eric Sykes (1923-2012), who voiced the Lion, was from Oldham, which is outside Manchester.